High School Hume Lake

Fri 24th Feb 9:00am – Sun 26th Feb 6:00pm

Hume Lake, Hume Lake Campground, Hume, CA, United States Map

We’re heading back to Hume Lake for two nights of wintery fun, great teaching, awesome worship, and bonding time together! The theme for camp this year is “That’s it!”. “In a couple sentences in Mark 12:29-30, Jesus took the entirety of the 613 Levitical laws and beautifully pared them down to these two: Love God and Love Others. That is the great commandment… plain and simple. In a world of increasing doubt and indecisiveness, what would it look like if we loved God with ALL of our hearts, souls, minds and strength? What if we loved our neighbors as much as we love ourselves?" In the second half of verse 31 Jesus says “There is no other commandment greater than these” and from that sentence comes our theme title: “That’s it!” It’s as if Jesus was saying to the Scribe who approached him “focus on these, that’s it!” Our desire this winter is to learn how to love God and love others with ALL that we are… That’s it!” (from https://hume.org/hume-lake/...) (Please do NOT register on your own on Hume’s website; we will do that for you as a group!) Space is limited, so sign up early!

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